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The Psychotherapy Office of La  Coast  undertakes to provide you with the best care at the agreed rate,  reimbursed by  Basic insurance (LAMal).

We accept payment by credit card.

We also have a system  billing  electronic  in  third-party payment.


Health insurance - LAMal coverage

The care is reimbursed by the basic insurance.

In addition, to simplify the administrative procedures relating to fees, we can, if you wish, send them directly to your insurer electronically. The latter will then send you a statement with details relating to your deductible for the current year, the payments made and the balance payable by you.

Delegated psychotherapy

All our psychologists have the right to invoicing in delegated psychotherapy, which allows you to be reimbursed just like the interviews invoiced with the psychiatrists. (see LAMal coverage  above)

Delegation voucher

If you have insurance of the type “  Family doctor  », you must ask your doctor for a delegation voucher to consult a specialist.

Questions about support?


contact us directly


at +41 22  364 53 34

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